Monday, November 2, 2009

A New Obsession

At the beginning on the year, 2009, I hated to to read. You had to beg me to read a small book for class or reading with my brothers and sisters but wow! What a change in heart. I'm hooked into reading. It was like one month I hated it and the next, my mom was begging me to stop. I've read so many books, like 50, in the last 10 months which is about 2-3 a week not including sundays. Alittle nuts if I say so my self. The only books I read are LDS Fiction. Their is so much junk now days you can't trust all novel's.

My favorite writer is Michelle Ashman Bell who is infact my good friends aunt. She has written about 20 books and I've read them all. I really like Shannon Guymon, Traci Abramson Hunter, Kay Lynn Mangum, just random but good writers.

I think my favorite part about reading is that you get to know different personallities, I know they aren't real people, but I still realate them to life. I've come to a realization that everyone is different and unique.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Only 3 Things that Girls Need

Only three things that a girl needs to be happy are these things:

  1. An ipod for her good wholesome music
  2. A camera that she can catch a moment for memory
  3. A cell phone to communicate with people when needed

My day of glory has come. My collection is complete and I'm getting my cell phone today. Don't worry, I had to write 'A Cell Phone Policy' and sign it to make it a done deal but hey, I would do anything for one. I've got unlimited texting which is so nice for communicating with my mom and calling is free if only your calling from cell phone to cell phone.

Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Wonder Summer Job

Well, lets sum this up I guess. For the past 3 months I have been so brave of actually working with not so pleasant smelling milk replacer, straw, dirty grain water, long gewy slobber, a sifter, a piture to poor the milk, filthy smelling clothes, a dishwasher, lots of dirty buckets to wash, a fly swatter and can't forget a couple of new friends who have made me laugh and smile on the way, which equals, Calves. We have done it with the Sommer cousins next door and Maguel's two identical twin friends, Ben and Matt Doggett. Ben became a friend of mine and I have to say he has made it alittle more bearable. I just have to thank him for his friendship, even with my odd weird moments.
We feed morning and night each day, no heavenly break but vacation once and a while. Have to say, I do take vacation pretty often :D. We start feeding at 8 o'clock in the morning and 3:30 in the evening. We have raised about 80 calves (which is a guess but around that number). We sift grain which is given to them, we give them straw, and switch there water every morning. We feed with bottles until there old enough to use a bucket of the same amount of milk. Me and Camille (who I call Cami) do races on trying to do water as quick as possible. I think that is one of my favorite parts of doing it, even if you do get wet.
We get about 8 calves on average each Tuesday by a dairy farm in Shelly. At about 6 weeks, they start to get a good belly on them and we wean them off of the milk. I'm getting four calves which brings in some cash. I'm glad I have had this experience but I can't deny that I can't wait for school to start so I don't have to do it any more. Thanks for all the support, even when I don't want to get up or am a Crank.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tragic? Maybe More then THAT!!

Oh Gallee what a week! 1st off to start my tragedies, my camera will not ever upload my pictures and I have no idea how do fix it. An expert from my ward, Sister Orme, can't even figure it out so I have to go to a qualified special person to help me. I don't like to do that. Yuck!
2nd--I lost some of my makeup, eye shadow only since we found the eye liner, so it is hard to hide my white eye. Yeah...oh bumber! More money to spend.
And 3rd, the worst in my opinion, I accidentally deleted all of my songs off my ipod. We just downloaded itunes today, yeah alittle behind from every other person, and I was just playing around not even paying attention to anything. I wanted to take out my ipod from the computer but it said "Don't Disconnect." After uploading something that was weird that I don't even know what it is, I thought, "Okay, I'm good to go (I think)" so what do you know. I disconnected my ipod. Am I in a world of hurt or what? I'm going on trek in a couple days and AHHHH!!! I'm lost in dispare. I have no idea if it is possible to get those same songs on again, PLEASE write a comment and TELL me over the phone or HELP ME!!!
Guess all I can do is try my hardest to find out how to put my life back in order. I'm lost!
On the positive note, I have trek to go on and that will distract me from my mental problems, then I will come back and have to go through the dispare level all over again.
Anyway, I'm really excited for trek and to learn stuff about pioneers and to walk and walk and walk and walk and walk. I like being 14...sometimes!

Monday, June 1, 2009

What Time is It? Summer Time!

School got out on the twenty-ninth of May. This year has flown by! I'm pretty sad though because I have loved this year, full of surprises, making new friends, and learning to play volley ball even though I still stink. Those kind of memories... Life is full of surprises especially in 8th grade and through these things and hard experiences, I have grown stronger and have become more mature. (I hope you all think that. Haha jk!)
Making new friends was hard to do but the friends now that I have, have been my distant friends. One from my ward, one really good friend from elementary school, and one that was in my singing class in 4th grade back in the day. We have all gottin' together and made the AMEN group. Ever since my down fall with one friend who has been a bad influence on me, which I didn't realize until after, I have needed counseling, well not REAL counseling but just people to talk to. We get together every week or every other week and tell how we are doing and what we can do to help. It has made a difference in me and in them, and I can tell (I think). I've really needed good friends who I can tell things too and my other friend, used to be my BFF, always talks about 'boys, boys, boys' and she's fun to be with when she isn't talking about them. To bring it down to the point, it was hard to have fun with her. I grew really defensive when ever my mom would talk about her and after awhile, I realized my mom was right about what she had to say. Anyway the AMEN girls are amazing and so fun to be around; we have so much fun all the time. I'm so happy they have come to my life when I have struggled.
I just wanted to thank my aunt Michelle and my mom. They have been my rock that I build apon, the ones I can talk to other then my true friends. Even though this has nothing to do with '8th grade', they have supported me on my new friends and they are so happy I have done it. I also would like to thank my good friend Zachary who has been so nice to me and so fun to be around, and including Anna, Mary, and Natalee (AMEN). They are just awesome. It was a time to remember, my embarrassing moments and my 'slowness' (hehe AMEN gals who ever is reading this) and all the times people have had to put up with me. My favorite, by far, was the dances. I grew closer to my friends and showed my crazy self and had the time of my life. I loved the good times with my cousin Spencer who was so fun to talk to and so supportive when the big
event happened. (It is coming up.)
One of the hardest times was when I lost my election in 'Publicity Manager' for student body officer. I did every thing. My Logo or what ever it is called was "Vote 'Sommer' all year" and even did sno cones. I honestly thought I did everything in my power to win that thing but the person who won was Jenny Mosley. She is popular who does stuff with cheerleaders. It was really hard but instead of saying "Why did this of all things have to happen! I did everything right and tryed to win it so I could make a difference and have fun?" Now I try to say "What can I learn from this experience?" Even though I flipped my legs in the air in one of my skits, and did humiliation things, I learned even more how to act in an audience. Even though I have always had the talent of performing and getting in front of people, it just added for my practice so I can do drama next year. It was a learning experience and it was hard to see Jenny's name on the card, I have grown new understanding for her and even called her to congratulate her.
It has been the best year so far and I'm getting so excited for being a freshman. (Isn't that weird I will be called a name next year?!?! Ahh! Time flys bye!) Love you guys, who ever is reading this! I hope you are enjoying my blog even though their is only 3 posts.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

This is Me!

These next few pictures are of me and yes, Aaron( my uncle) and my brother Matt call them “Glamour Shots” to be exact and I’m expecting Ace to comment but it is all okay if he doesn’t! I hope you enjoy them!

I got my hair cut so this was soon after. I've tried different styles each day and the one in the picture is now one of my least favorite so another one will come soon! It's really short but it's a lot easier then it was before!

So me and Kim Crawford (one of my cousins) were just hanging out and we got bored. It just so happens that her older sister has a lot of hats so we took shots of them. This one was my favorite, the Chinese one. I felt like doing one of there so called "Sacred Bows". That was one fun day!

This one is so called "Scary Monster" because I'm without makeup before I go to bed. That night, one of my besties, Natalee Ballard, had the privilege to sleep over for a night because her parents went to Hawaii (and just so you know, her parents were on a plane and guess who was on it? Yeah, only David Archuleta!! They got his signature and a picture with him. His hand writing when to my friend and soon framed it with some pictures she got off the Internet. Yeah...those lucky ducks I must say!) so we had a whole lot of fun, just what girls like to do!

This one was at Nat's house again and my favorite is my nose! Yeah, it's huge like a grandpas! I feel special...

This picture is voted “Best picture ever taken of Emmeli” so I say; and I even took it!! When this one was on facebook, a lot of people commented on it and said that I looked like a super model but to me, it’s a person who is trying her hardest to be a good person towards others. Who knows what this person can do?

Monday, March 2, 2009

When a Door Closes, Another one Opens

For a while now, I have had a facebook and it was my favorite! I was on it all the time talking to my close friends, putting pictures of me, my friends, and my family on there, and just enjoying everything about it! It seemed like all of my days stresses were gone when I was on there and when I had a good day, I told my friends all about it. It was my heaven! A big thing happened in the middle of everything and yes, it was a guy who I thought was pretty awesome at the time. I found my self on there for maybe about 5 hours a day to wait for him to get on so we could talk. After we sorta "broke up" as you could say, my parents made a time limit because it was cutting out my time with the family. My limit was 20 minutes a day and I always snuck on a lot still because you can't do a lot in 20 min. It started to get bad but soon just how it was before. I had one and one talks with my parents about there concerns and what I thought about the whole thing; to be honest, it got pretty annoying.

Soon I got sick of that so it started to get better which was about a half hour each day. It was perfect for me and it seemed like there wasn't as much stuff that I needed to do on their as much as I needed to before. I was pretty happy but still not overly best. I still wanted life better and I wanted to be happier but I didn't know what to do. I just needed and wanted a change.

The North Stake President and Presidency have said to get rid of Facebook but inside I had the attitude like "Yeah Right!" A couple days ago my amazing uncle came to me and started talking to me about the whole facebook thing and said why the teens needed to . I was asleep for a while and during my dream time, my dad and uncle were talking about it. After I awoke my dad told me to listen to him about what he was going to say and I new what was coming. He told me a story that there stake president gave and this is what I heard.

A girl down south had a facebook and she followed all the rules on there. She had pictures of her and friends and she never thought any harm could come of it. Well she got poked by a guy (which means they can see your profile) and he looked through her pictures. In one of them, there was a person in the back ground with a sweat shirt on with there school name. He got where she lived and soon was there in her home town and following her for 5 days so he knew her daily schedule and where she was at all times. After those days, he kidnapped the girl. Soon after, they found the guy right before he killed her. But how did he find her? Facebook.

I never knew that people could poke me and see my profile and I don't think most people know that either. It was a big supprise to me and I got scared to death by the thought of someone doing that to me! Even the good and wholesome people can be led into something they never knew was happening behind their backs.

The FBI 2nd thing on the danger list is having teens have Internet accouts such as Facebook, Bebo etc. Their has been murderings and other bad things happen to people, especially girls, that no one would expect by having an account of something; I never knew it personally.

Facebook isn't wrong at all, it's the risks of those Internet predators who are after teenagers. If it weren't for those people looking for something horribally wrong, I would still most likely have a facebook still. Every one has there agency but I have decided to delete mine for these reasons. Most people as you know don't have these problems at all but to me, it isn't worth the risk. I don't want to die and face Him and have Him ask why I didn't follow my Stake Presidents advise. I don't want to live with regret. There are a lot more stake presidents saying the same thing just like the North and Henrey's Fork Stake Presidents have. I'm not here to persuade anyone who is reading this but I do want to set an example for the people around me.

After finding this stuff out, I've decided to delete my facebook and create a blog which is practically like a jounral. I want to look back and have my future family know what I have faced and what I'm giving up. My blog is going to count for one of my Personal Progress Projects and to always update it ever twice a week or so. I'm also going to protect mine soon so no one can get on my sight with out my permission. If you want to email me, post a comment on this post so I can add you.

I want everyone to know, friends, family, and loves ones, that I want to say I'm sorry for the pain that my family has had to put up with this. Before having a time limit and being on facebook ALL the time, was taking me away from my family. Instead of bonding with my sibblings and making memories with them fot the short time that I'm here with them to watch then grow and learn, I was on facebook most of my day. It was a big regret of mine and I've appologized to my family about it but I can't go back and relive it again. We learn from our mistakes but I hope that you learn from mine.

Thanks for reading my brief story on why I'm deleting mine. I hope you respect my decision and come to an understanding what I'm talking about is the truth. My door of facebook closes, but my life of blogging and happiness is opening now.